Well behaved girls by L.N.

yellingwomanI used to be well behaved. I used to be polite. I used to attempt to make everyone “comfortable”. I used to care what fellow moms thought of my car, my clothes, my phone. Until today. Today, all of this washed away with the tears of my daughter crying when I told her the results. Her tears were the most amazing cleanse I’ve ever done. Instead of cleansing me of toxins that coat my organs, and bacteria in my gut, it cleansed me of the toxic falseness in my perceptions,  and the bacteria of privilege and entitlement. As it worked inside my heart like a dose of penicillin, the initial sting of the shot was quickly replaced by relief. The relief of being able to finally SEE. I can now see out my windows that were covered in years of caked on mud from previous storms.

I no longer am someone wandering through the world with heavy and dark blinders on, but of someone that just got laser eye surgery after being legally blind since childhood. I can also hear, smell, taste and touch reality with frightening detail. Buddhist say that suffering is caused by not accepting reality, and I believe this to be true.

Now, reality is my guide, my closest companion. And I accept it with open arms- today, and for everyday forward, and am eternally grateful for my little girl’s precious cleansing tears. ALSO- I will never be well behaved again. #lovetrumpshate #notmypresident #nevertrump #hillarywon

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