Hold on..


Just hold on. Keep holding on America. Don’t let go of your angst, your despair, your heartbreak. Just hold on, and embrace it. Embrace your children, your real friends, your loved ones at the same time. Don’t apologize for your roller-coaster reaction. We are all on this ride together, but some of us choose to ignore the anxiety, nausea, and the vertigo pretending that they aren’t bothered by it, some of us blame others for “forcing” them to get on, (when it really was their choice), some of us get too excited by it all, and act like idiotic jackasses, and the rest of us just hurl.

Just hold on, and scream.  Scream until you feel as if your lungs will explode, until your voice box gives out, until you pee a bit in your pants. If those around you can’t deal with your screams, they can leave the park, and never go on a ride again.  Your screams are warranted. They are just. They are essence of life, and the carbon dioxide they produce will be eaten by nature, and recycled into oxygen.

Just hold on. Hold on to your memories, both good and bad, to your experience, however limited or how vast. Remember your grandmothers age spots and thin crepe like skin, remember your best friend from second grade that smelled like a mixture of crayons and downy.  Remember when you witnessed a fellow kid getting bullied and you felt so helpless you just watched, although your heart hollered inside your chest loudly. We can only change when we remember, accept, forgive, and resolve.

Just hold on, keep moving. moving. marching, running, skipping, hell, crawling. Keep breathing, keep seeing, keep hearing, Keep tasting, and above all, keep touching. Touch everything, the people around you, the environment, the energy, the past, the present, the future.  Your action is all of these things. You control everything. You are everything. You are full. You are empty. You are so large I can see you from space. You are so small I can only see you under a powerful microscope. But you can always hold on. To something. ANYTHING. Even if it is just yourself. HOLD ON.

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