It’s Time



It’s time. Time to wake up from our technological comas.

Time to consume something that is NOT a good, or service. Information and Education.

Time to stop exposing ourselves to intolerance over shared burgers and beers.

Time to decide to heal ourselves first, so we can heal the world after.

Time to know that not only does the adage “you are what you eat” ring true but “you are what you everything. Watch, listen, touch- too.”

Time to soul search. Deeply. Like with an official search party.

Time to stop worrying about being right, and worry about surviving, and the survival of those around that don’t enjoy as much privilege as you.

Time to fact check.

Time to do some research. (At a library, with actual BOOKS-remember them?)

Time to learn about American history.

Time to know our rights as human beings.

Time to teach our impressionable youth about ignorance and intolerance, so that their generations can avoid making such catastrophic mistakes.


Time to be courageous in spite of being afraid.

Time to analyze where we can individually do the most good the quickest.

Time to use tools that they understand.

To quote Marcellous Wallace (Ving Rhames) from “Pulp Fiction”,  time to “have a couple of pipe hitting N****’s to go to work on this thing with a pair of pliers and a blow torch.”

Time to get medieval on their asses. (Figuratively)

The time for healing and cooperation is LONG over.

It is time to unify. But with those that are true hearted, and good, and NOT those that want complacency.

It’s time to fight.



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