Today, we MARCH. Tomorrow, things CHANGE. By L.N.


“Oh my goodness! There’s a little one back there!” said the shocked older woman with a long, auburn braid running down her back. She was referring to my angelic, funny, beauty of a daughter. We were on a packed “to the gills” light-rail train in Sacramento. It was 10 a.m., and the energy was like nothing I’ve ever felt. Having missed the last two trains (due to them being too full), we were grateful to be on our way into history. My Daughter was in front of me situated between a couple that were assuring that she was safe and stable, although we did not know them. As for me, I needed to hold onto the shoulder of the kind stranger I was facing so as to avoid falling upon the take off, but he was happy to serve as a balance for me. This was what first alerted me to the amazing time and space my daughter and I shared at that moment, for the rest of the day, and hopefully, from now on. As  I was glancing around, I silently noticed that although every inch of personal space was being violated, not one face was in a grimace, not one set of eyes rolling.

Once we arrived at the station drop off, and walked to Southside park, we were greeted with MASSIVE amounts of the same, smiling, excited faces of thousands (and thousands) of others. And with their glowing grins, creativity. Pink “pussy” hats on nearly every head. Carefully made signs that read things like “Love not Hate makes America GREAT”, and further positive messages. An  impassioned man chanted “Don’s a CON!” and “DUMP TRUMP!” To which marchers joined him. (He didn’t have a “pussy” hat, so I gave him one of the extras I made, and he immediately adhered it atop his brimmed one, making me beam with pride) Several cheers erupted from the back marchers, creating a wave-like cheer all the way to the front. There was no signs of things the world has witnessed and heard over the previous  18 months. Things like division, hate, exclusion, fear, intolerance, and ignorance were literally non-existent. Only love, understanding, friendship and a deep sense of community was seen, heard, and felt.

Once we made it to capital mall,  we stopped for a lunch break. Thousands more amazing women, children and men streamed past us, further pushing the morale upward.  After lunch we squeezed through the crowd, getting as close as we could to the capital steps and the stage. The followed speeches given were emotional, motivational, uplifting, positive, trans formative, tear jerking, and reminiscent of the speeches of human/womens rights’ pioneers like Martin Luther King Jr., Nelson Mandela, and Gloria Steinam (who gave a speech today in D.C.). Not a single of these speeches was akin to the negative, dark and subversive inaugural address given by the new POTUS the day before.

I kept looking at my little girl. 8 years old, and she is already mature enough to understand how important today is. For her, for me, for ALL women. Before today, I was still scared. I was still fretting. I was still UNSURE. But  what I witnessed today was nothing short of a MIRACLE. It changed me. But my daughter ALWAYS believed. She has never lost faith in the power of human kindness and understanding. I feel I owe her and every other woman who left the comfort of their home to stand up for females that they know, and more importantly, females they DON’T an apology for my temporary blindness and doubt. So, I am sorry. I was wrong.The negative energy that had me under it’s spell  is dwarfed by the positive energy that surrounded us today. I am so proud to be a woman, a mother, an American. I am proud of women, I am proud of my daughter, and I hope she is proud of me.




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