Brainwashed: Today’s administration and the use of NLP by L.N.




Everyone I know is asking the same questions. Everyday. Every hour. On a cycle, or an endless treadmill that leads to nowhere. Questions like “What on earth are they doing?” and “How could they be so callous, so cruel?” and “Why is NOBODY doing anything about this?”  I have been observing these questions, in my Facebook feed, on the news sites I read, and of course,while living life in my community and in my world.

On the other side, I also see repetitive statements being made. (Notice they are STATEMENTS and not questions-I’ll come back to this in a minute.) Time and time again, I see men (and a few women-who I believe are self loathing, but that is another article) repeat the words “Fake News”, “Alternate Facts”, “Radical Islam”, “Extreme Vetting” and “What the people want”.  Over and over again, just out of different mouths, these and other words being repeated.  I ponder these things, both the repeated questions and the statements. I analyze them with growing curiosity. The questions I ask myself “What are they doing?” and “Why is NOBODY (who has the power to do so) doing anything?” and for the statements I ask myself, “Why do they keep spreading lies? Doesn’t everyone know that they are being lied to, even the people speaking them?”  After this questioning, I then analyzed something most don’t. MYSELF. Tuning into what is inside by then asking, “How do I feel when I ask these questions? How do I feel when I see others make these statements and ask those questions?”  And the answer was always the same: Negative.

Now, let me explain a little about my personal background. I am a clinical hypnotherapist that specializes in stress, anxiety and PTSD. I also practice NLP or Neuro Linguistic Programming in both my group sessions and private practice.  NLP is a set of tools that can be used to reprogram the negative thought patterns (i.e. I’m not good enough, smart enough etc…) and negative habits (smoking, drinking, raging, etc..) through repetition and relaxation. (Which is where it relates to hypnotherapy). It has applications that can be done in less than 10 minutes and can literally change the way a person thinks, acts and behaves.  NLP can also be used for entertainment, and is one of the tools used by  “stage” hypnotists. There are several videos on YouTube proving the entertainment value of NLP, Including one in which a NLP practitioner convinces a woman that the color red is actually black, so when she goes to her red car, she freaks out, because she sees it as black. Or another in which the practitioner asks passers by on the street to put a hand on a building and then convinces them that their hand is “stuck” and they can’t take it off  until he performs another NLP to remove it. NLP is nothing new, and many people use it everyday without even realizing it. When we need to remember a speech for a meeting at work, or an important associate’s name, what do we do? We REPEAT it. Over and over, until it is a permanent resident of our brains. Sound familiar?  NLP is a terrific thing, and can make many valuable improvements to a person’s life. But, in the wrong hands, and applied to people with a general sense of dread and fear, it can be used to brainwash the masses.

Remember when I noted that one group has questions while the other makes statements? I pointed this out because there is a large contrast between the two, and can be the difference between being victim or aggressor. Not that there is anything wrong with asking questions, however, when we repeatedly ask the same questions, without receiving answers, we are doing so out of helplessness, and confusion. Which in turn, can leave us vulnerable to answers that are filled with inaccuracies, hidden motives and/or malice in order to get us to change our positions. (Look what happened with the historically democratic blue collar  working class of America? After impassioned pleas to the Democratic party were ignored, it was the GOP that gave them answers and caused them to DRASTICALLY change position, which is a big part of why Republicans now have so much control.)  On the other side of the coin, statements that are repeated over and over again, and from several different individuals who are getting media attention, are made (or appear to be) out of strength and confidence by self-assured speakers. Whether the statements are true or fabricated has no consequence. All that matters is that they are repeated as much as possible, in order to reprogram the minds of all the question askers. History has proven that repetition and confidence are the keys to any successful fascist regime, not truth and humanity. So the more questions, the more confusion. And the more statements, the more assurance. All that is needed is to create doubt in the minds of the masses, and then everything else falls into place for evil doers.

I see how this is working so well for the current administration. We keep getting shocked daily by their actions, and yet, they go through with them without ever so much as batting an eye. This, I believe, is where we are getting defeated. The time has come where we stop being shocked by all the atrocities being committed by them, where we accept that they can and will keep committing them- because it is what works, where we stop asking questions and start making true and repetitive statements of our own.Yes, the time to be fearful is done, and the time to be confident is now.  The tide will only turn when we do things differently, reprogram our own thinking and behaviors and do what works. NLP works for them, and WILL work for us. We just have to use it.



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