What about RUSSIA? by L.N.



“Administration starts deportation campaign by tearing 22 year resident mother from her crying children and sending her back to Mexico” , “Trump vs. Nordstrom: Press secretary Spicer uses press conference to insult retailer”, “Trump does not even know how the dollar works”, “CNN catches Trump administration in ANOTHER lie”, “Bannon wants to start WWIII”.  These are headlines from TODAY. If someone searches before today, there are more just like these, with only slight differences in outrage topics. Thousands more. And what do they all represent? DISTRACTION. The Trump administration is attempting to outdo the most famous magicians, to make them look like hacks, by performing the greatest magic act the world has ever seen- and it is going VERY well. What is this trick? Why, I am glad you asked! It is called “Make Russia disappear!”

You see, the people who are now calling all the shots in D.C. (Trump is NOT one of them, although he thinks he is) learned one thing a long, long time ago. And that is that a majority of people in our country are easily led (as long as it is by someone with confidence and conviction, doesn’t matter if the leaders are being honest about the destination) and even more easily distracted. Technology has not helped in this regard. Think about this: when the newest iphone or Samsung galaxy whatever is released, how many people just have to have it? Never mind that their current phone works great, and is only a year or so old, they must.have.that.phone! I am not suggesting that there is anything wrong with supporting new technology, or even “treating” oneself to something nice from time to time, (although I think that “time to time” has become more like “all the time” for many) but rather this- when we become distracted by things that are not really IMPORTANT often, we lose sight of what is, and often we don’t realize the important thing was taken until it is gone. This, I believe is how our democracy works. Right now, it is actually obvious that it is very threatened,  and people are scrambling to figure out what to do about it. Add in a steady stream of horrible, immoral acts being committed daily (nearly hourly) by the current administration, and what does that do to even the most dedicated human rights advocate? Well, it creates three things. 1.Overwhelm. Feeling unable to keep up with what is going on fast enough, and the urge to just “tune out” completely. 2. Confusion. What is going on? What are they doing? Why is this happening? What do we do? and finally, 3. Distraction. With every new headline, we become more and more lost, as if we have cut a path to make our way out of the forest, only to find a new, more dense one at the end. All of these things play right into what they are trying to do, which is EVADE.

You may be asking yourself, “what are they trying to evade?”  Again, I am glad you asked! Remember right after the election when no person could even look at a news headline without seeing the word RUSSIA or PUTIN in it? (Breitbart or FOX news being the exception to this) It was crazy, and they could feel the heat being put on. This was followed by one after another terrible announcements about cabinet picks (distracting us from RUSSIA/PUTIN) then, Trump amped up his twittering mania (I didn’t think it was possible either…) and everything (including Alec Baldwin’s uncanny impression of him on SNL) became a “outrage”, “unacceptable”, and a “personal insult” to Trump. Fast forward to after the inauguration. Headlines were everywhere involving Trump’s insistence on there having been “yuuuuge” crowds in attendance, despite photographic evidence to the contrary. And how much it bothered  him that the women’s march had such historic crowds. And the most useless headline of all, regarding Melania Trump’s gift to Michelle Obama. What was it? Why was she so unhappy? Does she need help? (Here’s my answer to those questions, WHO CARES?)

Since then, the headlines keep coming. And yes, they appear to be getting more serious, scary, and concerning in nature. (Alternative Facts, anyone?)  But they are still achieving  one thing, and that is distracting us. When’s the last time you read about RUSSIA? PUTIN? (Not counting unrecorded phone calls between him and Trump. Because we don’t know what was said, they don’t really matter.) When people are ALL outraged, we can do great things. But when we are all outraged about different topics (Bannon on NSC,  Betsy DeVos for DOE, Sessions for AG, Silencing of Elizabeth Warren (hey, this one pissed me off too!)) our cause becomes vulnerable to those three things that are working so well for this administration. Overwhelm, confusion, and distraction ensue and we are once again caught in a vicious cycle, and they get what they needed gone to disappear. And the burying gets done by us.

With all of the outlandish, offensive, dishonest and unethical behavior of this administration (regime) any aware person can see that they are trying to hide something. And from the looks of it, it is something BEYOND bad. Like makes-watergate-look-like-a-parking-ticket terrible. And the odds are about 99-1 that it can bring down not just Trump, but ALL OF THEM, and could have national (possible global) effects. And when we take a hard look at the subjects getting the least press coverage right now, (as well as not being mentioned AT ALL by the administration) my money is on RUSSIA and PUTIN.

We all need to put our outrage on back burners right now, (This is very challenging. I too, suffer with Attention Deficit Disorder-really! I’ve been diagnosed and everything! And I know it seems important, but it is not as important as this) and focus on one question: “What about RUSSIA?” When we find out the answer to this, everything else will fall into place.

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