Welcome to littlewomenwithbigmouthsandsharpteeth! This blog is to help turn the enormous rage, disappointment and disillusionment many people are feeling about the election of a cheeto colored man that is filled with hate to our highest leader.  And  for us, our anger is the BEST motivator to create amazing work! WE NEED SUBMISSIONS! Of all kinds: Art, Poetry, video, audio, ANYTHING so long as it bares your soul, and helps to turn your anger in a strong creative force to be used in our communities, our cities, our states, our country and our UNIVERSE to dispel the atrocities of our time! ANYONE can contribute, male, female any age. We believe that there is a little woman with a big mouth and sharp teeth within us ALL. (some of us just suffocate her at a young age, and then vote badly…) So let her out! Please email any questions or submission requests to littlewomenwithbigmouths@gmail.com Along with your full name, contact email, and we will get back to you soon. Additionally, we ONLY use initials, not full names, so you can publish your work elsewhere too. There is no pay, but once we get this rolling, this can be quite amazing, and can make some real change! We also plan to start a weekly podcast of the same name that will include the pieces here. Need some more motivation? In the news section, there will be updates on everything going on regarding our imploding country to keep your angst going, and your creative light lit!