I know where some of those old racists are now… By L.N.



This article was unbelievably uncomfortable for me to read. But it is one of the the BEST, most well written, and informed pieces I have read since my despair, anxiety, uncertainty and outright terror began to manifest in the early morning hours of November 9th, 2016. When I say it was uncomfortable, I say this because 1. I am a white american, 2. I DO NOT feel represented by a large majority of white America and 3. I come from a long line of southern bred racists. (It actually made me a little sick to write that last reason.) When this article’s author, Mr. Silvercloud writes “while we as black people are trying to discover our ancestors, white people are stuck trying to forget and bury their klancestors.” he is more right than he may even realize. And to acknowledge this for myself, to know it, to feel this truth deep down, to wear it like a old overcoat that reeks of months’ old urine- causes me tremendous shame. For I cannot say, or do anything to change it. Although I never identified with any of this hatred, and learned long ago that hatred is a symptom of fear, and decided even before adulthood that I would never make any choice out of fear, but rather love (these are the only two areas we make both conscious and sub conscious life choices, and they do not co-exist), I still cannot undue the massive amount of trauma that my lineage has created, left dormant, and now is attempting to revive in the name of hate (fear).  All I can do is to dedicate my life to helping those being targeted by standing with them, teaching my children, and all those in my world how to change by choosing Love over FEAR. That, and to say to anyone who themselves or someone that they care about lives have been effected by my race (then or now), the hatred is over. I do not, nor will ever carry it in my heart, nor will my children, and hopefully nor will their children. And also this: I am sorry.

Who’s REALLY going to be affected by your thoughtless vote. By L.N.


When you went to vote on Nov. 8th, what were your motivators? I think I know from the way you have defended your choice since. You say, “Oh, he said that 10 years ago, and was taken out of context, he doesn’t really mean that.” and “Well, she is only interested in opening up the borders, and wealthy people (hypocrite, much?) and our property values will go down, taxes up, and everyone will be poor.”and ” The people he is putting in the cabinet  said some of those things 20 years ago, and don’t feel that way anymore, so just calm down.”  And my personal favorite, “His campaign offices have been the most vandalized, so it makes sense of all of the violence since the election.”

Well, it is all misinformed bullshit. Every word that comes out of your mouth is born out of  a shared ignorant intolerance. And all of it is out of fear. Fear of losing the thing we as People hold most precious. The thing we worship more than any God that has ever been.  Money. He will cut your taxes, and “cleanse” the country, right?  I know he won’t stay in office. Probably not even for a year. Once he realizes that his manipulative “business” deals won’t fix things, he will lose interest, and simply walk away. Well, good riddance, but that leaves us still with another person who is even more dangerous. And this other person is someone who truly believes in all of the hateful rhetoric, AND has the experience and know how to put worse policies into place.

Well, when you voted, I know one thing that was NOT on your mind. In any way, shape or form. And that thing is: ANYONE else but YOU, and your GOD, money.  You did not even pause to consider for even a fraction of a moment that you probably won’t even be around for long enough to see how those other generations like mine, or your grandchildren will have to struggle and strife for several years in the future and then ultimately have to clean up the mess that your thoughtless vote made for them.

You did not, especially think of your grandDAUGHTER, who openly wept the early morning of Nov. 9th, who, although only 8 years old, realized what that meant for her future in terms of how boys and men will be able to treat her and how she will always have to be in “defensive” mode for the rest of her life out of fear of being assaulted verbally, physically and/or sexually. Because we have gone back to the days when women were to stay “in their place” and who “were asking for it” by being a “tease” or made the mistake of wearing a shirt that accentuated their curves,  or just by being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Nor did you think for any moment about your grandSON, who has been diagnosed with anxiety, adhd, and high functioning autism. And who also, has started to identify himself as possibly homosexual. He will, for the rest of his life also have to live in “defensive” mode because he will not know why services (like access to psychiatric care, counseling,  and medication) are being stripped from him for his conditions, for no reason other than the fact that the man who was elected (by YOU) made it clear how he felt about disabilities when he mocked a disabled person in front of a crowd of hundreds, and you laughed along with him. And if your grandson IS homosexual, well, that’s a whole other thing he will have to worry about because the days of “gay bashing” are back. And stronger than ever because of you, and your careless vote.

But hey, at least your taxes may go down (they won’t-you don’t make enough money), and you won’t have to deal with standing in line at Walmart with people who are “different” than you, right?

But here’s a promise I have for you. I won’t “get over it”. I won’t “move forward with an open mind”. Because you didn’t bother to give a moment’s thought to the future your vote was creating for those who would actually be around for it.  I can’t and WON’T extend you any more generosity. You reap what you sow. But it’s children that get to reap what YOU sowed. And that is NOT. FAIR. Your overwhelming selfishness is…well, there isn’t even a word horrific enough to describe it.