plea to America By D.T.



Please, America.

I’m BEGGING you. (For the first time in my LIFE)

Don’t let me take office.

I am NOT your president.

I am a domestic terrorist.

I will NOT make you great again.

I have proven this fact (over and over again) up till now.

My only offer is to make you HATE again.

In the two days since I was “elected” much more hate has arisen from those that idolize me.

Those that perpetrate these acts are a desperate group of people who are in pain, and need a place to air it, and feel that I have given them license to do so. (I HAVE)

A group of men on a subway, egging each other on “Grab her by the pussy” they say to an african american woman, and one attempts to do so… A high school bathroom graffiti with disclaimers of “Niggers go home”, along with my slogan and name…..Muslim women being attacked on the street, hit over the head, hijabs being ripped off….school children telling other school children to “sit in the back of the bus” because “He (I) won”….A young man going to the ER, blood pouring from his head where a bottle was smashed over it by one of my “supporters” because he was gay and unlucky enough to be near him after it was clear that I had “won”…..  Young people from Latin desent, having classmates give them “deportation” letters.

These are only a small amount of the incidents that have occured in the 2 days since the election. It will NOT get better. It will NOT go away. I cannot stop this train that I started. Only YOU can, America.

Please, America. PLEASE.Please.

I CANNOT take office.

If I do, there is nothing that can save us from me. I cannot even save myself, how can I save you?

WHATEVER needs to be done to right this wrong, DO IT.

You made a HUGE mistake.

Fix it. NOW.

#lovetrumpshate #notmypresident #hillarywon #trumpbegsforfirsttime